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what’s in a name?
yes, WINSTON was named after Winston Churchill, but no, not that one. i was named after my great uncle, Winston Stephen Churchill, but grew up thousands of miles from him. as i got older, i was fortunate enough to spend some time getting to know him, and learned what kind of man it took to fight in two wars and then spend decades flying, conducting trains and studying quantum physics, all while staying married to the same woman for over 50 years. so many togs use only their own names as their corporate identities, but i chose WINSTON as way to remind myself of where i’ve come from, but also, maybe even more importantly, the kind of man i aspire to be.

about church
a product of both coasts, having been born in northern california but grew up in la. a die hard ucla bruins, lakers, patriots, red sox and san jose sharks fan. wears flip flops entirely too much. hates the color purple. addicted to wintergreen altoids, single malt scotch, and espn.

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